Friday, July 3, 2015

Mulberry Liquor

We are very fortunate to have had a cherry tree, a huge walnut tree, two apple trees and a grape vine in our back yard when we bought this home.  We did not however have a mulberry tree...but now we do.  We didn't plant this tree, so some critter must have done it for us.  In the past two years it has produced a lot of fruit, and I'm really grateful to have this yummy and super healthy fruit growing in our yard!

Take a look HERE to find out about the health benefits of mulberries. 

The tree is so pretty when it's full of fruit, and it attracts a lot of birds to the yard.

They get really dark when they're ripe, and they can be used as a natural food colouring.  More on that in another post. :)

Today we're going to make some Mulberry liquor for Christmas gifts. 

Fill your jar at least half full with fresh mulberries and add up to 1 cup of raw cane sugar

Then fill 'er up with Vodka.  Any brand will do, this is what I happened to have on hand.  

Try to remember to flip the jar daily for a few weeks, then it can just settle over time and be gently shaken whenever you think of it.  

Before gifting I strain it through cheesecloth in a strainer, and if it's at all cloudy through a coffee filter several times until it's crystal clear.  

I've done this before with other fruits, but this is my first attempt with mulberries.  

So far my least favourite is cherry, as we found it very medicinal tasting, but I imagine it will be very good medicine for adults with a sore throat this winter! lol   

Peach is lovely, apricot is really yummy too, but the all time favourite in my family is PLUM!!!  I have made a cranberry one that has been going since last October that hasn't been tasted yet.   I'll pull that out for Thanksgiving, giving it a full year to work. :)

There are no oils in this recipe, but I did consider adding a few drops of lemon or orange YLEO to the sugar prior to adding it to the fruit.  If I had a vanilla EO I would definitely try that, but alas, I don't. 

In one of my coming batches I will try the lemon or orange or maybe even lime oil, but this time it was left out.  

I'll report back no sooner than 6 months, or maybe even next spring on the flavour of mulberry liquor.  
In the meantime, stay tuned for some other yummy things to do with fresh mulberries!

Have you ever made your own fancy fruit liquors?

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