Wednesday, July 8, 2015


I have some Lavender in my front garden, and I love how beautiful it is. 

I can remember my mom always having enormous lavender plants and she would harvest the blooms and weave them into wands.  

I will have to try and find a picture of hers, but they looked much like these.

Mom tended to keep them in a vase or cup for display but we also had a few in the linen closet to keep everything smelling fresh. 

When it comes to lavender essential oil, I truly thought I'd never care for it.  I had purchased a bottle (a very popular brand) from a health food store years ago, after hearing of some wonderful benefits.   I never liked the smell, and in all truth I never found it at all therapeutic the numerous times I tried it for different things.  I wanted to love it, I really did, but it didn't do what lavender oil promised, and I hated the smell.  It was useless.  

Fast forward to Young Living.  If lavender hadn't come in the Premium Starter Kit  I likely never would have ordered it.  Fortunately for me it did!  I didn't like the smell any better than the other brand, but when I had occasion to use it, I did try it and was AMAZED at the quick results I got with it.  Clearly this is NOT the same lavender.  Then I did some searching and found a video on YouTube, that I'd love to link up here, but I can't find it now.  It was explained in the video that exports of lavender essential oil were reported higher than production in some countries.  What???  How can a country export more than was produced?  The presenter had paperwork and had done much research.  I understand we either believe them or we don't, but after my experience with a common health food store brand "lavender" that was clearly not the same thing as the lavender I now use, I'm inclined to buy into the adulteration argument. 

I've said before, lavender is NOT one of my favourite scents, and even the Young Living lavender isn't a favourite scent of mine, but even so, it's one I won't let myself run out of, and we use it whenever the properties of lavender are best for a job.  The scent might even be growing on me a bit. 

I find it very soothing for burns, and sometimes mix a few drops of the oil with a teaspoon or so of Aloe Vera juice to rub on either sunburn, or cooking burns.

Please have a look at the following links to some information from reputable sources on the wonders of Lavender! 

University of Maryland Medical Center

Medical News Today

I am allowing some of my blooms to dry and I think I will infuse some grape seed oil or other carrier oil with my own blooms to use as a massage oil.  This will smell much less of the strong lavender odor, and it will be nice to have it made from our own garden.  I hope to do a post on that later.

How about you?  Do you love the scent of lavender?  Is it an oil you turn to often?

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