Monday, July 27, 2015

Comparison of Lemony Scents

I just had an Essential Rewards order arrive this morning, and there was one brand new to me oil among the bunch!  


This is newly available in the Canadian order, and was out of stock when I had it in my order the first time around.  Originally it was in an exotic scents collection that was available only through the US Not For Resale (NFR) order, but is now available as a 5 mL single in the Canadian OTG order.  It retails for $16.45 and wholesale cost is $12.50 Canadian (10.75 PV). 

I was curious about this oil, because I absolutely love the Lemon oil, and I wondered how it could be worth the extra cost. (Lemon 15 mL is $17.11 retail or $13.00 wholesale in Canada (11.25 PV)

I watched this video and was interested to see how it differed from my fresh scented lemon that I love so much. I figured there was only way way to find out for sure if it was worth the extra cost!

So, I put a bottle on my latest order, and as it turns out, it's a really delightful lemony lime scent and taste!


Here's my pretty little bottle of Jade Lemon. :)

But, how does it compare with a mix of regular 'ole lemon and lime?

I think the Jade lemon is a more mellow scent and taste than I get by combining regular lemon and lime oils together.  I still love the regular lemon and lime together, and for a stronger flavour that's still the way to go, but the jade lemon is lovely for sure.  It seems to me to be a milder, more mellow scent, that is somehow softer than what I get when combining lemon and lime.

In fact I have it diffusing upstairs right now, and the kids are quite fond of the uplifting scent.

You can certainly get a similar scent by using your regular Lemon and Lime, so if you don't have Jade lemon, or it comes out of stock again, I think this is a reasonable substitute, but I am very glad I have the original Jade Lemon as well.

In my opinion, if you're as smitten with the oils as I am, it's worth the cost to get at least one bottle to experience the scent and see for yourself. 

Now how about the other lemony scents?  

If you're just looking for a lemony scent to wear, or use as an air freshener, or for diffusing, you have several options.  All of the above offer a lemony scent, but they're definitely not all equal!

My personal favourites for a lemony scent are the first two in the photo, lemon and jade lemon.  

Jade Lemon is the newest addition to my lemony collection.  It's by far the most costly, but I think it's also the most complex.  I love the mellow flavour and scent, and deem it worth the extra cost to have some on hand, though I won't replace it in my daily water.  I look forward to experimenting with it some more.  Please share with us any special ways you use it!

Lemon is definitely an all-purpose oil for me.  It's affordable and has so many uses, I usually have one on every Essential Rewards order.  I always have a few ahead of me because I can just never run out of it.  I use it for everything from taking stubborn labels off of bottles I want to keep (it's a FANTASTIC de-gummer, and I love that I don't have to be buying Goo Gone anymore!) to flavouring meals and my water, using as a bathroom spray or diffusing to uplift the spirits! 
This is the oil I spike our home made lemonade with too. 
(Recipe to follow in a future post)

Citronella is best known for its bug-repelling properties.  Years ago I worked at White Rose (remember them?).  We used to sell Citronella plants in the garden centre, and of course the citronella candles in metal buckets flew off the shelves.  This is a testimonial to how well citronella gets the job done when it comes to bugs.  Tiki torches are most often fuelled with Citronella infused oils for burning.  Citronella however is not for eating, and is for topical and aromatic use only.  I find it to be more pungent than the other lemony options, so I tend not to use as much of it except outdoors in the summer.  I just happened upon this interesting article; I thought I'd link up here.

Lemongrass is an oil I won't be without, but It's not my go to for its scent when I want to diffuse, and I won't be wearing it as a perfume anytime soon.  It's more pungent...maybe greener smelling?  Makes sense since it's a grass! lol  Lemongrass is a must as far as I'm concerned for use in the kitchen if you love Thai food.  I'll give you a sneak peek of a post coming later this week!  ;)

I also tried the lemongrass in THIS tasty drink and absolutely loved it!  I think I prefer the lemongrass to the regular lemon in the Lemony Thai Iced Tea

Here's a quick breakdown on cost**:

Oil                                                 Retail Cost               Wholesale Cost                          *PV      
                                                (Canadian Dollars)        (Canadian Dollars)

Jade Lemon 5 mL




Lemon 15 mL




Lemongrass 15 mL




Citronella  15 mL




*PV stands for Personal Volume, the measure of points Young Living uses for Essential Rewards and promotions.

**As of July 27, 2015

I hope this helps distinguish between the lemony oils we have to choose from.
I love having so many options, and I really appreciate each of them for their own reasons.  

Which lemony oil is your favourite?

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