Monday, July 13, 2015

Mulberry Ice Cream!

Remember all thos mulberries I picked from our tree last week?  Most of them went into the freezer in anticipation of a fresh mulberry ice cream!

This batch used about a quart of frozen mulberries. 

I put them in my trusty Vitamix, and topped them with a scan 1/4 cup of raw cane sugar. 

I then dropped in about 3-4 drops of Lemon essential Oil

 and enough heavy cream to come up the blender about half way

Then get that going, slowly working up the speed while tamping with the tamper to keep the fruit moving, and blending with the cream.  

Work at it until it will keep moving without your extra tamping effort, and it starts making 'pillows' like this.

Then scoop that yummy stuff out and ENJOY!
We make ice cream in our vitamix about once a week.  I love that it is primarily fruit, and I can control the ingredients.  (sometimes I use just milk, or sometimes even bananas to make it creamier if I don't have cream)

I really think it needed the lemon to cut the sweet of the sugar.  It could actually have done with less sugar.  When I make it again I'll start with only a rounded tablespoon of sugar and add to taste if needed.

We did have a wee bit of this left, and I froze it in teeny tiny heart shapes in a mold I have, and I have plans for them....but you'll have to wait and see about that!

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