Monday, July 6, 2015

Cherry Liquor

It's a bit of a sad year in our back yard.  :(  
Our beloved Cherry Tree that has given us so much sweet fruit the past many years is not well.  It blossomed this year, and then the top part just died.  We were left with the lower front part that stayed healthy and produced delicious cherries for us again this year.  But it might be our last year for cherries from this tree, and I wanted to make some cherry liquor from our very own cherries.  

We decided to wait and harvest the fruit that grew since it was easily reachable, but it's coming to an end and a decision has to be made.  I'm inclined to leave the living part and take down the rest and see how it winters.  I'm trying to be hopeful.  

These are the beautiful cherries, and many of them split due to enormous amounts of rain the weekend prior.   These became prime liquor cherries.  I washed them, cut out the split parts and tossed them in the mason jar.  

My prima cherry picker and her harvest. 

And now to the liquor.....

I made one tiny jar of cherry liquor by the same recipe last year, with cherries from the market.  To be perfectly honest, the flavour isn't my favourite.  If it weren't like our trees last year, I probably wouldn't have made more, but it probably is, and so I did. 

I have to say it will be dosed sparingly, drank while in a hot salt bath when we're feeling under the weather in all likelihood.  It tastes rather like medicine. 

I used whipped cream vodka for this one, and the initial taste is lovely, it's the aftertaste that I'm not fond of. 

Here is the aged jar from last year, almost a year old now...

It sure looks pretty though when poured into a wee crystal goblet!

For a one liter canning jar fill with fruit, add up to 1 cup of raw sugar and top off with vodka.  
Invert daily for a few weeks, then allow to age at least 6 months, a year or more is even better. 

Have you ever made liquor with cherries?  

What's your opinion on the flavour?

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