Sunday, November 1, 2015

My top 8 uses for Thieves blend in a Canadian Winter!

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Thieves is so versatile, I don't know how we managed Canadian winters without it.  ...Wait, yes I do.  We got sick, and took turns being sick for weeks on end other winters.  

Last winter this is how I used Thieves to keep everyone in our home healthy:
1.  I diffused Thieves at least 4-5 days a week.
2.  I used a few drops in the mop bucket when I washed the floors.
3.  In a bucket of hot water I added a few drops of Thieves to it for wiping down telephones, door knobs, light switches, counter tops and refrigerator door handles and faucets.  All the spots germs generally love to hide in wait.
4.  When we did start to feel a tickle in the throat, a drop of diluted Thieves (I keep a bottle diluted to about 50%) went into a spoonfull of local raw honey and either was taken directly or put in a warm tea.  
5.  A few drops of the 50% dilution was used on the soles of the feet when we knew we were going to be around people who weren't well. 
6.  At bath time a well diluted drop of Thieves (like one to two drops in a tablespoon of carrier oil, then mixed well into a cup full of epsom salts before adding to the tub) in the tub was relaxing, and comforting.
7.  I made my own alcohol free hand sanitizer with Thieves EO and Colloidal silver.  EXCELLENT for carrying in the purse and using while out shopping and pushing around a dirty grocery cart full of germs!
8.  Not last year, but earlier this fall my oldest son and I made Thieves throat drops.  You can find that recipe HERE.  These were great fun to make!  They taste delicious and are so soothing to the throat!

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