Saturday, November 7, 2015

Front Door Decor From Yard Waste?

A quick post today about using what you have, and making the most of it. :)

Here in Southern Ontario this week we had a few absolutely beautiful weather days that broke records for high temps in November.  Naturally I had to get out to the yard to play clean up and get ready for the snow to fly.

I was clipping back a rogue grape vine that was threatening to take over a rose of sharon, and removing some low corkscrew willow branches that have been whacking me in the face every time I walk throught the gate, and then I got to thinking.

I don't like sending all this stuff out to the curb.  Isn't this really the exact materials that I pay big bucks for at Michaels?  How silly!

One of the grape vines I clipped came with a lovely cluster of grapes attached and I decided to see about making it into a fall wreath for our front door.  

I simply twisted and wrapped the vine, and willow branches together.  
There isn't any wire at all, no glue, nothing.
It's all from the back yard, and was all destined for yard waste, but look at how pretty it is!

I did clip a few bits from a cedar shrub as well as a boxwood, and they are just tucked right in.  
The grape cluster is still attached as it grew on the vine.  

I even added a few drops of essential oils to the vine, just for fun.
Now when people come my door they can snack on organic red grapes, and smell balsam fir.

I challenge you, if you have a yard, to do a bit of clean-up this weekend and see what you can come up with for absolutely FREE!

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