Friday, November 6, 2015

Using essential oils effectively in the kitchen, and a recipe for a savory blend

This time of year I love getting back to making hearty meals for my family and cooking with the oven and crock pot again. 

One of the things I've really loved since getting started with Young Living Essential Oils is that I can use them to season food, because many of them are safe for ingestion.

 I will caution you that if you are using drug-store or health food store available essential oils, please DO NOT use them in your meals.  They are not pure enough to be safe for ingestion!  Brands sold at health food stores and drug stores are generally labelled NOT SAFE for internal use, and that is with good reason.  

Unless you know the brand you are using is GRAS (Generally regarded as safe) for consumption, please just enjoy the scent, as you would any air freshener. 

Now, since I know my  oils are safe to take internally, I immediately started experimenting with them in the kitchen...with not the greatest of results if I'm being totally honest.
It was a colossal disappointment in the beginning.  

You must remember when working with essential oils that they are potent almost beyond imagination.  It took me a few failed attempts to accept this fact, and then I realized that this was actually GREAT news!  

I came up with a very dilute (read COST EFFECTIVE) blend that is an exceptional flavouring when used in savory dishes!  Because you only use a few drops of each essential oil in the blend, and it makes 15 mL of oil (approximately 300 drops) which is used by the drop to flavour your meals,
it's super cheap!
That's my kind of cooking!!!

You can use any kind of cooking oil you prefer to use in your kitchen as the base, or  carrier oil for the blend.  I decided to go with Liquid Coconut Oil only because we're heading into winter here in Ontario, and my kitchen gets chilly.  The EVOO that I might have selected for this use will get too thick for it to easily drip out of the bottles drop reducer, and I don't want to be bothered with a warm water bath before using each time.

If you're in a warmer climate, I'd probably go with Extra Virgin Olive Oil as the base.

I have yet to make a pretty little label, but this is the only unlabelled bottle on my shelf, and the scent identifies it.  :)  I will put a little label on though, in the event the boys will want to use it when they make their eggs. 

This is very flexible, and can totally be tailored to the flavors you are most partial to.  

Want my recipe?

Here's what's in my little bottle of home cookin' savory oil:

In a 15 mL re-purposed essential oil bottle I added the following:
5 drops Rosemary EO
4 drops Basil EO
3 drops Thyme EO
2 drops Marjoram EO
1 drop Oregano EO
1 drop Taste of Italy blend EO (this was a promotional oil I got free months ago, but it's heavy on the oregano again, so if you don't have it, you could do two drops of Oregano instead)

Top up the bottle with your choice of carrier oil and shake well.  Allow it to sit for a day or two before using for best results.  This blend will keep indefinitely if you keep it in a coolish and darker place.  I find it is excellent for use in soups, stews, gravies, pasta dishes, with cabbage rolls, or any ground meat dishes, and even salad dressings!  

(my bottle was a YL Lemon essential oil bottle, all cleaned up and well dried in the oven to ensure there was no water droplets left inside)

Give oils a try in your kitchen, and let me know how they work for you!

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