Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Who came first; the chicken, or the egg?

I'll be honest up front.  I have no idea who came first.  My hypothesis is that the chicken came first, but I really can't prove it. If it was the egg, then who cared for it to be able to develop and hatch into the chicken?  AND, 50% of eggs will hatch into ROOSTERS...which raises a whole other issue!  My stance on the issue is that a chicken and a rooster came first.  Otherwise things just don't add up according to my math.

Anyway, regardless of how the whole thing got started, look at this array of eggs I found in nest boxes at the farm, all within a few days of each other!  Am I the only one who gets excited about finding perfect eggs of all different sizes?  (Don't tell me if I am.  It's like Easter morning every time I go out and collect eggs.  Who knew the Easter Bunny works all year?)

Dont' they just make you smile?

Here they are, all lined up pretty.  
Do you want to see what was inside them?

The largest two were double yolkers.  

They made some lovely Gluten Free "Huffs Puffs"
I will have to do a post with that recipe on My Gluten Free Blog

I didn't crack open the regular sized one, because I didn't have a need for it this day. 

You can see the super dark yolk in the peewee egg.  
It could be that this was a pullet's first egg. 
(So exciting!)

Want to see a close up of the double yolks?

My lighting left a bit to be desired.  These yolks were lovely and dark and rich.  

Absolutely delicious huffs puffs I tell you!

And how about a look at the wee fairy egg up close?

When I cook up these eggs I will often use a drop of my savory essential oil blend that I keep in the kitchen.  It's a well diluted blend, and I'll have that recipe up in the next day or two. 
It is linked up HERE.

I'd also like to add that because these are free range eggs, and the best I've found, nothing goes to waste!  I wash out the shells, dry them in the oven and crush them.  Then they get stored in a canning jar and used a variety of ways.  Post to come next week!

What to do with egg shells?  Click HERE.

I hope you enjoyed my egg-stravaganza here. 
(sooo cheesy, sorry!)

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