Saturday, August 15, 2015

Sarah's Creamsicle Perfume

My eight year old daughter, Sarah is a bit fussy about our oils.  
She knows they work, and asks me regularly for an oil (or clay) for bug bites, but she is a bit picky when it comes to the scents.  

Because she knows how well they work for her, she doesn't complain about using them on her feet or on a bug bite, but she's not fond of wearing any as a 'perfume', preferring (much to mom's frustration) a regular old perfume full of nasty chemicals.  

In an attempt to find a scent she loves enough to wear like a perfume, we set to sniffing bottles together.  It really didn't take very long to settle on a personalized blend for her. 

We started out with orange, because she does love the scent of it, and we often diffuse it at night for her.  She thought it should smell just a bit more mellow though for a perfume, and she thought she wanted to smell like a creamsicle. lol

I pulled out my Vanilla 10 fold from New Directions.  Young Living does not have a vanilla oil available for purchase right now, though vanilla is in the Stress Away blend, so perhaps sometime again I will be able to get it as a single in the future.  For now, this does the trick!

We used an empty 15mL bottle after using up every last wee bit of the original oil in some bath salts

 We filled it nearly full with fractionated coconut oil, and then added about 30 drops of Orange and about 10 drops of the vanilla 10 fold.  This can be played with to your liking.

It is smelling nicer as time passes and the scents blend a bit.  
I don't have sandalwood, but if I did, I would love to know what a few drops of that 
would bring to orange! 

It's a very soft scent, lovely for making a little girl (and her little sister puppy) feel like princesses
without spraying on a load of alcohol and a bunch of other chemicals.

Do you have special home-blends that you custom make yourself to use as a personal scent?
If so, please share them with us in the comments section!

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