Friday, August 14, 2015

DIY Bath Salts..No waste!

This has been shared before, but it's something I do every time I empty a bottle of my Young Living Essential Oils, and I thought it worthy of a quick post. 

I'm not a fan of waste, especially if it wastes something as dear to me as my oils are!

Each time I empty a bottle of oil to the point that I can't get any more drops out, I take the drop reducer out of the bottle and put it in a glass jar, then pour some epsom salts about half way up the jar (you could use pink Himalayan salts as well) into the jar.  I make sure to pop the drop reducer in (the little whitish plastic part that allows the oil to come through a drop at a time), and the lid in the jar as well.  Then I top up to cover the lid and reducer.  
Give it a bit of a shake. 
(This is the reason I don't fill it to the top.  You can't shake the contents if there's no room to move!)

In here I have a Valor and  in the jar on the left is a Citrus Fresh

Leave them to 'marinade' at least 24 hours for best results.  
If you like, you can absolutely add baking soda to the epsom salts in a 1:1 ratio before pouring over the bottle.  

Make sure you get the bottle filled with salts, so they absorb all the oil!

I usually hold the bottle, lid and reducer under the running tap in the tub while filling to completely rinse them, then dump the salts in.  

Your bottles can then be scrubbed with some dish soap and water and dried before re-filling with your own home made blends or dilutions that are ready to use. 

Stay tuned for some blends we have made at our house in the coming days!

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