Monday, September 19, 2016

Creamy Apple Pie Smoothie

I have seen a few Apple pie smoothies on Pinterest and just kind of thought apples were more for juicing than "smoothie-ing" (yes, I just invented a new verb there) so I had never tried any of them. Then I was talking to my friend Jennifer and she was telling me how much her kids love apple smoothies, so I decided to re-consider the idea. 

Today I finally threw an apple in the blender with some soaked dates, cinnamon, milk, ice and a drop of nutmeg and clove essential oils. I have to say, I'm pleasantly surprised!!  

It turns out apples are equally as good at smoothie-ing as they are at juicing!!! Who knew???  (Besides Jennifer and the other couple hundred bloggers who posted their own recipes already)

So, here's the recipe I made up my very own self, with a few notes for tweaks I'm going to try at the end. 

3 pitted dates that have been soaked in water. (I keep a tiny jam jar of dates soaking in the fridge for sweetening smoothies) place these in blender first 
1 Apple, core removed, cut in large chunks. Toss this into your blender 
1/2 tsp ground cinnamon, or more to taste. Dump this on the Apple chunks 
1 cup cold milk (I used 2% but you could sub a nut milk for sure) pour over the apples
4 ice cubes.  Toss them on top. 
1 drop nutmeg essential oil. (Make certain it's a brand safe for internal use)
1 drop clove essential oil. (Make certain it's a brand safe for internal use)
Drip EOs on top of the whole mess, secure the lid, and tun it on to full blast for 30 seconds or so. 
Pour into your favourite glass, and enjoy a sweet apply smoothie!

Mmm.  It didn't last long!!

For anyone familiar with the benefits of essential oils, this is a fantastic way to take in two drops of some potent oils in a delicious way without needing gel caps.
To learn benefits of clove oil, you can see what Dr. Axe has to say.  Click HERE
and for Nutmeg oil, click HERE to see what Dr. Mercola has to say.
The oils make this smoothie a great way to perk up the immune system.  Remember what they say about an apple a day?

I  like the idea of using the whole fruit or veggie in a smoothie versus juicing, because you get the fiber and the whole she-bang.  For whatever reason, I'd always just assumed that apples and carrots were for juicing and bananas and berries were for "smoothie-ing".  Something about the texture of an apple probably.  I'm also in general not one to use milk in ever.  In my kitchen the base of nearly every smoothie is pineapple juice, sometimes with coconut water.  It just makes a fantastic tasting smoothie, so that's my go to.

This smoothie was super filling!  I'm still feeling quite full even two hours after drinking it.  Must be the fiber from the apple and dates. :)

Now some notes.

Next time I will add a few drops of solè to really bring out the flavours and provide some trace minerals. I suspect you could use a drop of cinnamon EO rather than the spice, or replace the nutmeg and clove EOs with their dried form of spice as well.

To make a sweeter smoothie, add more soaked dates.  I will try 4 or 5 next time if I want it sweeter, or if I were to use a more tart apple.  As an alternative to dates, I might try half a banana in this recipe to sweeten it, and make it creamier too.

If you're not a fan of nutmeg, omit it, because it shines through. I love the cold temperature of the smoothie with the tasty warmth the nutmeg and clove bring though. 

I'd love to hear how you like the recipe, or if you have your own favourite Apple smoothie, how you do it differently.

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