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Welcome to The Pure Oil! It's allergy season!


Here I will share how we use our Young Living Essential oils on a daily basis.
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I settled on Young Living Essential Oils after LOADS of research, and I'm so glad I did!

Their Seed to Seal process greatly impressed me.  I have also found a Holistic Veterinarian who uses only Young Living Oils.  I wanted them for my whole family, not just the humans, and Young Living oils are pure enough to use on animals as well, and many of them can even be taken internally (by both humans and animals).  For all of these reasons I believed they were the right choice for my family, and we have proven that to be true on so many occasions already!

If you are interested in learning more, check back here often, and please always feel free to drop me a line!  You can reach me through my website contact us form.  I'm happy to answer any questions and I'd be delighted to help you get started with Young Living Essential Oils for you and your family!

It's allergy season!  My seasonal allergies have really improved in the past year, but this year, my almost 8 year old daughter started with a snuffly nose, and itchy eyes and throat that were driving her bonkers.  I know she wasn't sick because her energy was great, but she just couldn't stop the drippy nose and itchy eyes and throat.

I used a single drop of lavender oil with a few drops of carrier oil and rubbed it on the soles of both her feet before bed.  (The bonus is that lavender is excellent for promoting a good night's sleep too!) The next morning the itchy eyes and throat were all gone and the nose was only slightly running that day. We applied a single drop again that night, and by the next morning all traces of the irritation were completely GONE.  I was so pleased; I didn't expect it to work with that kind of speed.  We continued this regimen for about a week, and honestly, I haven't applied the Lavender to her in the past week or so, and she's still allergy free.  Maybe her allergen has run its course, or maybe her immune system has 'corrected' itself?  I'm not certain, but whatever the cause, I'm so happy we didn't have to suffer, and we didn't have to turn to allergy over the counter meds!

The other thing we've been doing regularly is diffusing a blend of Lavender, Lemon and Peppermint oils.  I generally use 2 drops of Lavender and 2-3 drops each of Lemon and Peppermint.

I do still diffuse this at least three times a week, mostly because we really enjoy the scent, but maybe this is part of the reason for her continued lack of annoying allergy symptoms. 

To be perfectly honest, Lavender is NOT a scent I love in and of itself.  I know many people LOVE it, but I'm not one of them.  However, having said that, in this blend it smells amazing.  I prefer it with less Lavender than Peppermint and Lemon, but if you love Lavender I'd suggest trying equal parts of each. 

One word of warning, I don't recommend trying any other brand of Lavender oil for this, especially if you are using it for children, animals or a pregnant or nursing mother.  There are reports that state that the reported Lavender Essential Oil exports from the European countries that supply the vast majority of it far exceed the reported production of Lavender oil.  This is specific to Lavender.  I had a bottle from a health food store years ago and had tried it for my own allergies at that time and it was completely ineffective.   They can only export more than they produce if the oils are adultered.  In a great case scenario this would mean simply that they were diluted with a quality carrier oil, but the consumer has no way of knowing, since labelling is really not regulated on essential oils and there can be harmful additives in there.  The problem is you just don't know unless you have the ability to test what comes in that bottle.  

If you're using it as a scent alone, as you would perfume, by all means head to the health food store, save yourself some money and purchase the scents you love.  There's nothing at all wrong with that, and I have done that myself.  They won't be any more harmful than any perfume you will buy, and they're by far more cost effective than many perfumes!

However, if you are wanting essential oils for their therapeutic benefits, please value your family 
enough to do your research.  I 100% stand by my Young Living Oils, they have not failed me yet! 

I look forward to sharing with you so many ways that we use these oils.  I hope to keep you posted on research and Young Living updates.  

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