Sunday, May 24, 2015

This Sunny Sunday morning I wanted to share with you a coffee creamer recipe I just whipped up.

In general I work really hard to keep a healthy diet, but I'm human and I have my vices.  Coffee is one such vice.  I hate to admit it,
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but this is my coffee creamer of choice.  

Fortunately for me, it hasn't been on sale in a long while, (I refuse to pay regular price when I know it's really not good for me lol) and I've run out, so I had to come up with something else.  

My last formula was one I've seen regularly on Pinterest.  It consisted of Carnation milk and Eagle Brand sweetened condensed milk. I added a splash of vanilla for added flavour.  

Yesterday I ran out of that batch though.

So. this morning I went to the pantry to whip up another batch and realized I'd run out of regular Eagle Brand.  I think I bought this caramel stuff by mistake honestly, but it's what I had so I decided to embrace it.  Salted caramel coffee anyone?  How about a splash of nutmeg and hazelnut with that?

Now, I'm not pretending at all here that this is really a healthy alternative to that pre-made stuff  you see up there. But I'll call it a small nudge in the right direction.  Many mornings I do make myself a Bulletproof  coffee, and I really enjoy that too... but that's a post for another day, because this morning, this is what I had. 

In the end this was my recipe, but it can be tweaked to your liking!
In a liter sized mason jar add:
One full can of Carnation Evaporated Milk
One full can of Eagle Brand Dulce de Leche Sweetened Condensed milk
5 drops of Sweet Leaf Sweet drops Hazelnut or to taste (or any other flavour)
5 or more drops of Sole to taste (more on this at the end)
1-3 drops of Young Living Nutmeg essential oil

Tightly screw on the lid and shake until it's all combined.  The fat in the milk emulsifies the essential oil, so it doesn't settle on top. 

I had three drops drip out of my nutmeg bottle before I could stop it, so my batch has three drops, and it is nutmegy!!!  But I like it.  You could definitely still detect the nutmeg with just one to two drops for the entire batch of creamer. 

In case you're not familiar with the Sweet Drops, it's a liquid Stevia product, and is a safe sweetener for diabetics as well. A few drops of this stuff goes a long way though, so start out with way less than you think you need, because it gets overpowering fast!  You'll likely find this at most health food stores, or the health food section of your grocer. 

I imagine some of you will have questions about Sole.  It's pronounced "so-lay", and is very simply a salt brine.  I make it by dropping a large himalayan salt crystal in a 250 mL jam jar of distilled water. Just allow the water to dissolve the salt crystal until the water is saturated.  (Lets go back to grade school science for a minute!  This is to say that there should still be some solid salt visible at the bottom of your jar.  If there isn't, you're not done yet.  Add another salt crystal and allow it to dissolve.  In the end to have a saturated solution of distilled water and himalayan salt, you need to still see some solid salt at the bottom of the jar.) 

I decant the saturated solution called sole into a dropper bottle for easier dispensing.  This doesn't require any refrigeration all that's in here is distilled water and pure crystal salt.  

Some mornings if I'm up really early I'll start my morning with a glass of water with a few drops of sole in it.  It kick starts metabolism and balances electrolytes.  The quality of your salt is really important for this, so go with either himalayan crystal salt, or another salt you trust to be very pure. This isn't a job for regular old white table salt.

Speaking of electrolytes, a few drops of sole with some citrus fruit or cucumber slices or both in water is an A1 replacement for the PowerAde and Gatorades of the world!
Sure, it's not going to be Caribbean blue, or sunset red in colour, but it will actually NOURISH your body, providing the electrolytes and with the added infusion of fruits/veggies it even has vitamins too.  A much smarter choice to stay hydrated as we jump into summer!

Thanks for stopping by, and enjoy your coffee this morning, however you choose to have it! 

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