Monday, January 18, 2016

Young Living Idaho Blue Spruce and Northern Lights Black Spruce Comparison

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Young Living has in the past year started distilling their Northern Lights Black Spruce essential oil on their Canadian Northern Lights farm in BC, Canada.  I had a bottle of Idaho Blue Spruce oil, and  I was curious to see how it would compare to the Canadian Black Spruce oil.  Unfortunately the Black Spruce quickly went out of stock when it first came to the Canadian order form, so I had to wait longer than I'd have liked to find out.  But now that I know, I'm going to share it with you!

I have to say, the Idaho blue spruce is a completely different oil than the Nothern Lights black spruce!  They really don't compare and they're most definitely NOT interchangeable for scent!

The blue spruce is very fresh and green smelling, similar to balsam fir, or pine.  It's a lovely outdoorsy smell, and I will continue to use it quite happily. It reminds me of a fresh cut Christmas tree, a smell I adore. The Northern Lights Black Spruce on the other hand, is so much deeper, and smokier smelling. It takes me into the woods with a campfire burning just a short ways off.

I have two drops in my diffuser now, and it's so strong I am having to turn it on and off!  Talk about bang for your buck!

Northern Lights Black Spruce puts me in mind of Vetiver. Not because they smell the same, but rather they have the same quality and staying power. 

I have just touched my wrist to the drop reducer on the black spruce bottle and I can smell it all day.  That's much less than one drop.  Much like Vetiver, I would suggest using a 'toothpick swirl' when using black spruce to scent lotions or oils.  
(by toothpick swirl, I mean just dip a toothpick in through the drop reducer to get a wee bit on the toothpick and use that to stir into your lotion or carrier oil)

Infact, it's such a strong oil that I think I'll take an empty 5 ml bottle, fill it with carrier oil and add about 2-5 drops of the black spruce.  That will be perfect for adding to blends, without overpowering everything else.  This is one oil, that like Vetiver will stretch way father than you think, and in my opinion it's Well worth the investment to get yourself a bottle!

Have you tried Northern Lights Black Spruce yet?  

If not, I hope you will.  You're in for a treat!

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  1. This was very helpful- thanks for the insight!

  2. I'm glad you found this helpful Carla!

  3. Nope, haven't tried it. I'm pretty happy with non-MLM oils..and they're kinder to my wallet! Try "Awaken My Senses" brand, best black spruce ever! (And roughly half the price of overrated YL oil)