Friday, January 15, 2016

Coconut Honey Geranium Face Mask

Here in Southern Ontario winter has set in.  It's late, but it is finally here in full force!

Every year at this time I find myself struggling with the dryness and the bitter cold, and my skin seems to suffer for it.  

I've really enjoyed making my own skincare products and cosmetics over the past few years, and I can proudly say I now make pretty well everything that goes on my face, from cleanser to toner, moisturizers, foundation, blush, and powders.  I have in large part many other bloggers to thank for this!   Over time, I will share some of my own recipes that I've come up with.  Some totally from my own head inspired by my own needs, and others inspired by other fantastic bloggers.

A huge shout out to all the amazing girls who share what they've learned, and help others like myself find our path to living a less toxic life. :)  

Three blogs in particular that I visit regularly and really love are linked below.
If you haven't checked out these blogs yet, then I highly recommend you do!

Heather at mommypotamous
and Jessica at ScratchMommy

Now, today I'm sharing a recipe I came up with out of a need for something soothing and moisture providing for my dry skin.  

I love how this came together!

Look at that goodness!!  It goes on oily, and when you leave it for 15-20 minutes and then rinse away with a nice hot soft wash cloth, you won't believe how soft and supple your face is!  

Honey is incredible for drawing in moisture, and it's just the thing to use as a face mask in winter.  I've done just a honey mask before, and it was lovely, albeit very sticky, but I wanted to kick it up a notch.  This recipe is AMAZING for dry skin.  I hope you try it!

Other key ingredients:  Coconut oil  This is a fantastic oil for everything from cooking, to oil pulling, to skin care, and even lubing sticky plumbing joints!  Seriously. 

Vitamin E oil  We know vitamin E is a fantastic oil for elasticity and skin health in general.  Just a little blob in this recipe goes a long way.

Geranium Essential Oil  Truth be told, it's not necessary.  You can omit essential oils completely and this will still be an incredible mask.  You can substitute with any other EO you prefer and it will also still be an amazing mask.  However, essential oil of geranium is fantastic for skin, and it's a very light scent in this, which is what I was going for.  I really like it in the mask.  I also really like change, so I'll try either something from my suggested list of replacements, or maybe even ginger essential oil (for the warming properties) with my next batch!  

Here's what you'll need:

The ingredients are really simple enough. I just realized I forgot to put the beeswax in the picture!  In all honesty it's not really required.  I did use it, but it's such a small amount that you likely could get by without it.  

My honey and beeswax are both local (to me) and the honey is raw.

I have learned that I do get best results when weighing ingredients rather than measuring with spoons.  For this reason, most of the time when I share a natural body care recipe, you'll see weights rather than teaspoons or cups as measurements.



50 grams organic coconut oil
2 grams beeswax

25 grams raw local honey
Blob of vitamin E oil

2 drops Geranium essential oil
You can really substitute any oil you prefer, but you only need a drop or two.


Over very low heat melt coconut oil and beeswax until completely melted and combined.
Add raw honey and vitamin E oil, whisking to combine.
Whisk in honey as you allow it to cool
(I took mine to the back door and whisked in -18 degree weather.
It emulsified and thickened up quickly!)

Just as it’s starting to thicken up add in your drop or two of your chosen essential oil.  For this batch I used Geranium.  You can substitute any that you prefer, or omit the essential oil all together if you don’t want a lingering scent.

If you're finding this to be a dry and difficult winter, please try whipping up a batch of this face mask, and take some time for a little pampering today!  Your face will thank you!

It's also a multipurpose little tin of goodness. Take about a half a teaspoon and mix in a little granulated sugar to this, then rub on dry lips.  It makes a fantastic sugar lip scrub, and it tastes AMAZING!

One more time, because it's sooo pretty...

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