Tuesday, February 7, 2017

VibesUP at a 62% discount?

This is just too good not to share. 

For only about another day, VibesUP is still offering a 62% discount on nearly everything they sell.  There are a few exceptions, but those are on already insanely discounted bundles. 

If you haven't tried anything from VU! already now is a great time to do so!

Check out the link here:   VibesUP  Click on the "Shop" tab at the top and have a look at all the incredible products.
Be sure to use code JANUARY62 for the 62% discount, and if you happen to live outside of the US, in the comments section put "international VIP me" for an additional 20% of the value of your order in FREE product!  This is to offset the duties you will likely have to pay upon delivery.  This is the ONLY company I have ever found that offers such incredible service to their customers outside of the US. 

In addition to all of this, make sure you sign up for their emails, because they are giving away EVEN MORE right now!

This is an excerpt from my most recent email from them. Take a look:

You get 1pt for each 25.00 you spend on your order.
NEXT SIMPLY claim your goodies by asking in the  comment box of your order
EXAMPLE: Write "I spent 200.00 which gives me 8 pts. I would like to redeem my points on these items. 1 Juicy Gem bracelet Green color (1pt) 1 chakra tree (2) pts. 1 small vogel crystal (5 pts) for a total of 8 points"

Imortant: If we run out of a give away item we will substitute it for an equally awesome gift or even better goodie. If an item is limited quanity you may list a second choice or let us surprise you. 
**Make sure you take a look at all the goodness they are offering once you get your email.  There is some BEAUTIFUL stuff if you place an order of $25 or more!!

Some of my favourite picks from VibesUP are most certainly the following...

This comes to only $4.93 USD when the JANUARY62 coupon is used!!
This is a pendant that I wear all the time.  It's just plain pretty, and I love the energy it holds.  It's really a steal of a deal at regular price, and at this discount, it's a crazy good deal!  My dogs wear their pet pendants, but these gems would also be a fantastic option for pet collars!

The SquishyLite's are incredible.  My father (who is in his 80's) sleeps with one his lower back every night, and swears he wakes up with far more mobility than he did before having the squishy.  I keep them around like coasters to charge food and drinks, and I ALWAYS carry one in my purse to have on the go.  With the January62 discount, they are only $11.40 if purchased individually, or $45.22 for a five pack, costing only $9.04 each!!

I nearly always have at least one of these lovely chippy gem bracelets on.
With the discount they're only $11.40 each.  They can be put around a drink when you're dining out to charge it.  Plus its looks pretty.  I wear mine 24/7. :)

This was HARD to choose!  I narrowed it down to four of my top picks, but if you make it to the site, be sure to check out their Crystal Creams, pet products, bamboo charcoal pants (soooo comfy!!), cork belt, back, wrist and knee wraps and water bottles, (hint, I keep a VU! water bottle full of water beside my diffusers so that I'm diffusing charged water with my essential oils. :)  )  They also have a fantastic selection of very high end jewellery.  I don't have any of them yet, but they are stunning, and I hope that one day I may call one of those beauties my own. :)  Now, with the 62% discount, is a FANTASTIC time to indulge if you're looking for a stunningly beautiful piece of crystal jewellery!

**Full disclosure, the link provided above is an affiliate link.  I only affiliate with companies that I trust and believe in.  If you make a purchase through this link I do make a commission, but you don't pay anything more for your order.  Thank you for supporting The Pure Oil!

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