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Do you use Colloidal Silver?

I had read about a decade ago about Colloidal Silver.  It interested me, but sounded too good to be true.  At the time I was a busy mom and the thought to buy a bottle was put on the back shelf in my mind.  It's not like it was jumping off store shelves at me anyway.

When I finally DID find it at a store (about 8 years ago), I paid $23 for about 5-6 ounces of the stuff.  It came in a dark brown plastic bottle with a pretty silver label. I brought it home and promptly shelved it; I was afraid to actually use it. Then one day in the following months we found that our cat had a really bad infection from a cat fight.  I wish I had pictures to share, but I don't.  He was a rescue and although I don't condone sending cats outdoors overnight, and I try to keep mine in since we have coyotes in the area, this guy is determined, and he loved the outdoors. Anyway, he'd been in a fight and days passed before I noticed the problem, because I was always with a baby on my hip and two little guys running around.  And the dog was ALL OVER the cat.  She was constantly loving him up.  Turns out, she was trying to fix his wounds!

At this point, with his ear swollen up and red and oozing green exudate, I decided it was worth 12-24 hours with this silver stuff on the cat before I'd take him to the vet.  I had no expectation that it could work that fast, but figured if I could see reasonable improvement and if he was doing well at the 12 hour mark, we'd give it a day or two.

What followed blew my mind!  I saturated a few cotton balls and held them over the area for as long as he'd let me. (probably 10 minutes or so).  I did this about 5-6 times the first day.  I also poured 1/2 tsp of it into the palm of my hand and he lapped it out, just like it was water.

Honest to goodness, no word of a lie, by that night, it was no longer red.  There was no more exudate and the swelling had almost disappeared.  By mid next day, fur was starting to come back in.  Seriously.  I know it sounds unbelievable.  I didn't believe it.  My husband didn't believe it.  We both wished we had pictures.  This hasn't been the only time this stuff has saved this particular cat either.  He's still with us today. :)  It changed my mind about colloidal silver.  For the next four years I purchased several brands, all with satisfactory to excellent results.  But IT WAS EXPENSIVE.

I'd read about people making their own and thought that was just crazy.  Then one day I came across and realized that there are companies out there that produced GENERATORS that were designed for the lay person at home to use.  There are specific (easy) instructions, and so long as you follow them, you can quite literally make a quart (litre) of colloidal silver that is EASILY as good as any you will find on a shelf, and I would argue EVEN BETTER in your own kitchen in three hours for less than 40 cents way less than a dollar Canadian.  Hello??

After a load of research and looking at a few generators, about 4 years ago I jumped in and bought The Silver Edge Microparticle Colloidal Silver Generator.

I have never regretted it.  I make silver for my entire family, four sisters (one of them has a horse who uses it sometimes!)  and their families, my parents, and anyone else who uses it.

The reason for this post today, is to share this incredible offer.  I was too late to share it initially, but since they've extended the deadline on the offer to December 18th, I wanted to get this up ASAP.

Full Disclosure: If you chose to purchase one because of my pointing you in this direction, please use the code THEPUREOIL at checkout.  I have an affiliate account with them.  You too can sign up for a free affiliate account and spread the word!   When I bought mine I didn't get all the 'extra stuff", but it was still worth EVERY PENNY and more.  I have so many stories of seeming "miracles" that stemmed from having this generator and the ability to share CS with anyone wanting to try it.  Prior to buying this generator, I was purchasing SilverBiotics brand from Swanson online from the US.  It too was worth every penny and saved my family much trouble, but honestly, the cost difference is unbelievable.  I would purchase another generator over going back to buying by the bottle.

Please see below for more information directly from The Silver Edge.

Offer Extended!
Here's How You Can Still Save $100
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Here's a quick overview of everything you'll get FREE with your new Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator from The Silver Edge:
  • 2 full-color, 60-minute instructional DVDs covering everything you need to know about making and using colloidal silver, (Regularly $59.90 – yours FREE!)
  • A full-color Operating Instructions DVD featuring a pretty model demonstrating in four simple steps how easy it is to make colloidal silver with your new Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator from The Silver Edge (Regularly $12.95 – yours FREE!)
  • A 60-minute audio CD chock full of insider secrets of colloidal silver usage (Regularly $19.95 – yours FREE!)
  • A 95-page softbound book detailing exactly how people use colloidal silver against dozens of specific infectious illnesses and diseases (Regularly $29.95 – yours FREE!)
  • A 25-page Special Report covering multitudes of little-known household uses for colloidal silver (Regularly $19.95 – yours FREE!)
  • A 16-page Special Report on the "Most Frequently Asked Questions & Answers About Making and Using Colloidal Silver" (Regularly $9.95 – yours FREE!)
It's a bona-fide $152.65 value. And it's all designed to have you making and using colloidal silver like you've been doing it all of your life, starting thesame day you get your new Micro-Particle Colloidal Silver Generator!
The offer is extended only until December 18th – Midnight, so please actquickly and decisively while there's still time. There will be no further extensions.

Remember, use the code THEPUREOIL at checkout!

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