Thursday, October 13, 2016

Motherwort Vinegar

The Motherwort harvest continues at our house. I have some out in the garden that is actually still flowering even!  Because of that I decided to do a second batch of infused vinegar this week. I have  the spring batch as well, so you can see in the photos how it develops over time.

The spring batch is on the left. I haven't strained it yet, and I have been using some for switchel and salad dressings. 

It could not be easier to make either. If you can cut herbs and pour vinegar, you've got this!

 This here is pretty well the whole of it. Fill your glass jar with the fresh Motherwort (leaves, flowers and stems) chopped up a bit. If you have a mortar and pestle you can mash up some of the leaves to bruise them. 
Then just pour over your Apple cider vinegar. 

I don't find much of a flavour difference in the infused stuff which makes it easy to use in place of regular ACV. I suspect it's just because the ACV on its own is such a strong flavour that the Motherwort doesn't change it much. 

This needs to be left to infuse for at least 6 weeks. At that point it can be strained if you prefer. I would bottle it in a dark bottle or keep it in a dark cupboard after straining.

Use it just as you would Apple Cider Vinegar alone, knowing you have the added benefits of Motherwort. ­čśŹ

This method could certainly be applied to many kitchen herbs as well if you have a big harvest that you aren't sure what to do with. 

To learn more about making herb infused vinegars and their benefits, visit Susun Weed's site HERE.

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