Sunday, October 16, 2016

DIY black walnut stain

I love walnut stain, and I'm lucky to have a big, beautiful black walnut tree in my backyard. As I was using my can of Minwax stain last time, I had to wonder if I could use the fruit from my tree and make my own. Well, guess what?  I not only could, but I Did!!  

Let's start with a look at my beautiful tree "Wally".  Isn't she stunning?  


Her leaves turn a brilliant gold in the fall.
She provides a place for the kids to climb, strong branches that the kids swing on, and an abundance of shade.  She also feeds all the squirrels and chipmunks in the neighbourhood.  She also drives our neighbor crazy, because she has a pool on the other side of that fence, and is very bothered by the dropping leaves and in the fall, dropping nuts.  I'm sorry good neighbour, we love Wally.  She stays. 

This is what walnuts look like on the tree. 

And this is what the stain looks like!  

And the finished piece...

So, here's what the mixture looks like, with the recipe. 

And this is what it will do to your hands.  Looks like FUN, no?

It does wash off...but it takes some scrubbing. Lol

 I left tthe stain for about a week to develop before using it.   I also sealed the wood with my home made wood butter.

So, what do you think?  Would you give a shot to making your own, rather than stick with the toxic Minwax?

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