Monday, September 14, 2015

Air freshener safe enough to eat!

Today I thought I'd share some of my favourite fall scents! 

This time of year I find myself reaching for these lovely scents again and again, for everything from enjoying in my diffuser, to flavouring my hot coffee or hot chocolate, or making flavoured whipped cream, or other delicious quick breads and desserts!

I have found that pretty well any combination of these scents in the diffuser can leave the house smelling like some delicious autumn baking is going on in the oven. 

I tend to use these in hot chocolate, or mocha.
Sometimes just a single drop will flavour an entire batch of hot chocolate that will serve us all!
The ginger often finds its way into some thai dishes, and the nutmeg into rice pudding. 
Cinnamon and Clove are great in apple pies, and even apple butter for an extra kick!

I love knowing that what I use as a room freshener, is safe enough for my family to eat...literally!
You can't say that about Lysol or Febreeze! 

Do you have a favourite oil that reminds you of cool autumn nights, and warm memories?

*Clove is available in the Canadian order form.  Nutmeg, Ginger and Cinnamon are all available for order through the NFR form.

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