Monday, April 25, 2016

How do you get your Vibes UP?

Good Monday morning!  Today I'm going in a bit of a different direction...

You know how sometimes you just get a really bad vibe about a person or situation?
There's a reason we call that a 'bad vibe'.  Because it truly is a vibration that we're picking up on.  We tend to think of our sixth sense as something mysterious, but what if it really is just simple science?  Just because we can't see it, doesn't mean it's not real.  You can't see love either.  But I couldn't convince you that you don't love your children or your spouse, simply because no one can see that love.

Can you remember a time when you met someone new and just totally were on their 'wave length'?   That wave length is a vibrational frequency...and when you're on the same one as someone else, everything is easy.  If you tune your radio to your favourite station, you're on that wave length, turn the dial a bit and you have no idea what they're playing, because you're just not on that wave.

My point here is that it's all about's all in the Vibes!

I've been doing loads of reading on Essential Oils for a few years, and in the past year and half I've really begun to study crystals as well.  In this time I've come up with some pretty cool ideas, and in time I'll share some of them.  One such idea was to combine my crystals and my essential oils.  I was fairly certain this was a brilliant idea, and would enhance both the power of the crystals, and the oils, and I actually thought it was an original idea. Ha!

A few weeks back my sister Karen introduced me to a new (to me anyway) company in California, called VibesUP!   As it turns out, my idea was utterly brilliant, though not unique to me.  I can however say I'm so glad it wasn't my idea alone, because I could never have done with crystals and essential oils what Kaitlyn Keyt has done!  I never would have thought possible the inventions found throughout her store!

To back up a moment, if you're familiar with Applied kinesiology, you will have so much fun with her products!  I have been energy testing (or muscle testing) everything, including the cat, and I'm still in awe of how FAST her products work to increase the vibrations of anything on or around them!

If you're not familiar with the practise of muscle or energy testing, I highly recommend Charlotte Reid's videos on YouTube.  She is easy to follow, and though she uses a different brand of oils than I do, she does a great job of teaching a skill that we should all master.

It's hard to know where to start, and I'm thinking I will be doing a VibesUP series, and review many of the products over time.   

For today, lets start with the mats, these are the basis for her whole product line as I see it.  

You can check out her site HERE to see all about these incredible mats!  The best part?  They are FOUR for the price of ONE right now, with even BIGGER savings if you get all sizes!!

It's so much fun to search the kitchen for something less than good for you and do a muscle test to see if your body is strong with that item.  (I used a taco seasoning mix that I knew wasn't exactly ideal health-wise). If your item doesn't test strong, place the it on the mat for 30 seconds to a minute and re-test it.  It really is fun!!  I have charged or re-harmonized my crystals on the mat, and they have been able to go on in other rooms of the house and re-harmonize other things as demonstrated by my own applied kinesiology testing.  Very, very exciting!

For the value of re-harmonizing my crystals alone these mats are priceless. I never felt like the running water, or rice or moonlight really resonated with me.  After placing my obsidian on the mat for about 5 minutes, then using that obsidian to go on and re-harmonize things in other rooms, well away from the mats, this is now my hands down favourite way to treat my crystals to a 'cleanse' or bring them back to their harmonious state so they're ready to work again!

One other thing I must share with you is about their incredible customer service!  

If you are living outside of the US, they offer an AMAZING incentive for you to order.  
If you type "International VIP ME" in the comments section of your order, they will include 20% of the value of the order in FREE product as a gift to make it worth your while, to help compensate for the likely cost of duty upon delivery.

Also, for Clarity on Customs: The VALUE of your ORDER will be what was actually paid WITHOUT the shipping costs. If you bought your products for less than retail value the customs value will be noted as the lower price of what you actually paid, minus shipping. It will NOT be the higher before discount price, and it will NOT include shipping!

This is a BIG DEAL!  So many times I've received an order from the US only to find that they declared the product value at the regular price, and have included the shipping costs.  So even though I got the items on sale, I end up paying duty on not only the regular price, but also on the shipping!  Not so with VibesUP!  They've thought of everything, and they're a fantastic company to deal with!

I will be back with more information and stories from my own real life relating to the VibesUP products, but for now I hope you will head on over there and watch some of her videos explaining how and why they work!

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