Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Bug & Bee Gone

This is a bug repellent that is safe for the whole hiking family, dogs and all!  

Do you like the clever name...Bug & Bee Gone. :)  (a play on 'bug be gone')

One thing to note about essential oils is that if they are not pure, or if they are at all adulterated, they can be very harmful to small children and animals especially.  This is one of the big reasons I stick with Young Living oils for topical use.  I want to be able to use my oils not only for scent, but for therapeutic value, and also to have them for my animals when needed. 

Having said that, there are even some Young Living oils that are not recommended for certain species of animals, infants, or pregnant/nursing mothers, but it's not due to impurity.  Some oils can be toxic to animals, just as chocolate and grapes are known to be toxic to dogs.  Make sure you do your homework before using oils on your fur babies. 

I will soon have more information available to you regarding animals and Essential Oils.  It's coming! 
Stay tuned!

The large brown glass bottle tucked in behind the bottle of spray is Solubilizer, find it HERE.  This is available from New Directions Aromatics

To make an informed decision on using the solubilizer, you can have a look at SkinDeep.  It's rated as fair, and for applications such as this, I deem it worth any risk.  It really takes very little.  You use one drop of solubilizer for each drop of essential oils used.  

I selected Lemongrass, Geranium and the Purification blend essential oils for this spray.  

This doesn't mean you can't make a rockin' bug repellant with many other oils though!

If you don't have these, others to consider would be:

tea tree

They would all be good choices, and in fact they could be even BETTER choices for you depending on where you are, and what kind of bugs you're dealing with.  In Southern Ontario this spray seems to be working really well for us!

*Please be aware that while citrus oils are great bug repellents, I didn't list them here for one reason only.  Citrus oils can cause extreme sensitivity to the sun.  They smell awesome, and work well, but they are NOT to be sprayed on bare skin.  If however you are spraying your spray onto clothing, and avoiding skin contact, citrus oils can be a great choice.  

Lemongrass, in case you were wondering is NOT a citrus oil, though it does have a lemony scent!

So, here's my recipe...


  • 10 drops Purification blend   (be aware that there are photosensitizing citrus oils in this blend.  Best to apply to clothing if using Purification!)                          
  • 5 drops Geranium                                 
  • 5 drops Lemongrass               
  • 20 drops Solubilizer                                
  • approximately 100 mL distilled water 

It comes together in a FLASH, and you can be bug free in about 60 seconds once you have your ingredients at the ready. :)

Drop solubilizer and essential oils directly into either glass or metal spray bottle.  Swirl vigorously to combine all ingredients and have them mix well.  Top off with distilled water, shake and label your bottle.  No mess to clean up at all!  It's just the kind of quick project that makes me feel accomplished on an otherwise sluggish day!

This isn't an exact science.  I used this amount for a milder spray, but when we head out into deep woods, I make a stronger solution and will often add peppermint, mostly because I love the smell. :)

It's non-toxic, NO DEET, smells lovely, and it's super cost effective, and health conscious! 

I even use this on my dogs necks** when we are really out for a hike in the deep woods, and I notice they catch many fewer mosquitoes in their fur when they're wearing this.  

**Please be kind and don't ever spray anything with a strong scent directly onto an animal.  They have a very acute sense of smell and are very sensitive to smells, more so than you and I.

 To apply this to my dogs, I spray a few squirts into my hand, and then rub it into their coat, behind the ears and neck, where they won't be bothered by the smell. 

For a purse sized bottle, I purchased these in either 25 or 50 mL (depending on the size of suitcase purse you travel around with)
Simply adjust your number of drops of essential oils to the size of the bottle, and always remember one drop of solubilizer for each drop of essential oils to ensure complete emulsification. 

You may find in your area that you can add double the water and still have an effective spray.  There really isn't a solid science that spans the globe when it comes to repelling bugs.  Experiment, and have fun!

Brewster is a happy guy when the bugs stay away!

If you give this a go, let me know in the comments what you think about it!

I am a Young Living Independent Distributor, which means I buy my essential oils at the wholesale price rather than the retail price. I save 24% off retail, receive discounted shipping, and can earn free products through the Essential Rewards program as well as the ability to earn commissions. 

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I am always happy to answer any questions!  

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